Vanessa's Experience with CNSF

Our support propelled her career!

Vanessa's Experience with CNSF

“I am extremely thankful with the Chris Nedelcovych Soccer Foundation (CNSF) for supporting me in my journey to become a licensed and educated soccer coach. In 2006, when I was only 24 years old, I received the first scholarship support from CNSF to attend the USSF A License Course. Within the next two years, the foundation also supported me to take the NSCAA Premier Diploma, USSF Goalkeeping License, to attend the 1st World Congress on Science and Soccer, and to enroll in the German Soccer Federation UEFA A License.

Without the financial support of the CNSF, it would have not been possible for me to do all this. Attending these licenses/events opened many opportunities for me as a young coach to network and learn more about the sport including its technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial dimensions, and then, be in a position to give back to the game.

Today, I am one of the few females worldwide who hold the UEFA Pro Coaching License obtained through the German Soccer Federation. I have taught coaching courses in over 40 countries while serving as a technical expert/coach educator for FIFA, UEFA and CONCACAF. I have also been the head coach of the University of Manitoba Women’s Soccer Program in Winnipeg, Canada since 2013. More recently, I have partnered-up with other passionate women who want to give back to the sport and we have created the Association of Women in Football ( that aims to connect and support the development of more women involved in football regardless of their role.

Thanks to the CNSF, I have had the opportunity to experience “The Greatest Gift”, which is also the genesis of this foundation as it was described by Chris Nedelcovych’s University admission essay. It means that ”The Greatest Gift” you can get is to know that somehow you have played a role to inspire and contribute to the development of the people you have had the privilege to work with. That you have taught them more than just the “x’s and o’s” of the sport. That you have taught them life lessons and values that will help them to reach their maximum potential in all facets of their life including sports, academics, professional, and social spheres. I aim to continue experiencing this gift and inspiring other people to do the same. A thousand thanks once more to the CNSF for inspiring me and making a difference in my life.”