Matt Lawrey goes from the 'D' to 'A' level

CNSF aids young coach through USSF Licensing into the college ranks

Matt Lawrey goes from the 'D' to 'A' level

I grew up in Virginia playing soccer in Charlottesville, for ODP, and eventually for the University of Mary Washington. Once in college, I balanced my team between playing, classes, and coaching a U9 boys team for the local club. Something that started as a part time job in order to have enough money to eat at Chipotle or Five Guys once a week, turned into a full time career once I graduated.

While in school, I started on my licenses, and through my boss, Barry Hill, found out about the Chris Nedelcovych Scholarship Fund, or CNSF. They funded my USSF “D” and “C” licenses while I was attending school, and continued to help my coaching education by funding my National Youth License, as well as my “B” and “A.” I just received my “A” license this June at the age of 24, and I am currently coaching at my alma mater as assistant men’s soccer coach. I also coach for PWSI (Prince William Soccer Inc.) where I have a U9 boys team, and I am on the Central District and State ODP staffs for Virginia.

I hope to continue to coach both youth and college, and am still struggling with choosing one over the other, however hopefully I have some time before I have to make that decision. CNSF have helped me throughout my entire coaching education process, and helped me create a fantastic foundation to a lifetime career. Thanks so much to the Nedelcovych family, Larry Paul, and the entire Foundation.

Matt Lawrey
August 29, 2012