Hartwick Coach endorses CNSF Camp concept

Jonathan Thayil, Womens Soccer Coach at Hartwick College and former Program Administrator for MSYSA believes that the CNSF Camp concept works.

I was very interested in coaching when I was a college player and student. It was not easy for me to find opportunities to learn about coaching and improve my skills as a coach.

I eventually found some courses after much searching, however they were very limited in their
scope and not that helpful. It would have been so beneficial for me if I had access to a program like CNSF. The only thing better than the concept is the actual program. I have now attended two CNSF programs, and they are excellent. The training and hands-on experience that the candidates get is better than many courses offered by the National Coaching Organizations.

The staff and instructors are very organized and go out of their way to make sure the candidates have a great experience and learn quite a bit. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any young player who is interested in becoming a good coach.

I think that the concept of the CNSF is excellent. 

Jonathan Thayil
Hartwick College
Head Coach - Women's Soccer

607-431-4728 (office)