CNSF Executive Director Visits Alumnus in Mali

Mima Nedelcovych catches up with 2004 Alumni, Mohamed Diarra

CNSF Executive Director, Mima Nedelcovych, recently visited the country of Mali in West Africa to observe the progress that Mohamed Diarra, an alumnus of the 2004 CNSF Camp has made with his team.  Pictured in the photo are Mohamed and his whole team, renamed the Chris Football Club, since his return from the US.


Mohamed was pleased to report that he has been able to successfully apply many of the training techniques and small sided games he had learned at the CNSF Camp to the training sessions of his team.  He went on to state proudly that in fact the Chris Football Club, drawn from the youth of his small town of some 10,000 inhabitants named Sansanding, was playing in the finals of the Regional Cup.


Mohamed also recounted how the confidence and broad life experience he gained from his 10 days in the US dramatically changed his life upon returning to his native Mali.  He was now gainfully employed by the nearby Markala Sugar Estates, where he is involved in the field trials of new sugar cane varieties, also pictured in the background of the photo, and thanked his supervisor, Mario de Matos, for having recommended him for consideration to the CNSF in the first place.