Jorli Swingen continues her CNSF-Coaching Education

From St. James to the U.S. Youth Soccer's National Youth License

Dear Sally and Mima Nedelcovych

I hope this letter finds you both doing well.  I would like to tell you again how much your camp two summers ago helped me.  The confidence that I gained from attending the camp paired with the
wonderful theories and drills taught, have helped me continue to coach.  I am now entering my 5th year as a coach and my 9th season, as well as starting my first season as a coach for indoor soccer team at the U19 girls level.  I have also inspired my younger sister to begin coaching as my assistant coach.  Often times I feel that coaching still keeps me young and active.  Many weeks the highlights are the days I am allowed to go out and work with my team, it is impossible to communicate just how fulfilling coaching is for me. 

When Larry Paul contacted me a few days ago and told me about the newest addition toyourprogram I was extremely excited.  The idea of being able to achieve my National Youth Coaching license was a dream I never thought I would be able to fulfill.  It would mean so much to me to be able to receive this license.  It would help me advance in the coaching world, hopefully continuing to touch young girls hearts to inspire in them the desire to continue playing and possibly to coach as well.  This license in addition would help me in my career goals. I would love to continue working in the soccer community as I become older, and this license would give me the ability to at least get my foot in the door.  

I would love to attend this program.  It would help me inspire more young girls, as well as assist me in achieving my dream job further down the line.  I thank you for the doors you have opened for me, and
the confidence you have given me through your program.  The program you have built has given a great tool to all youth coaches, by giving them an arena to succeed and grow in. 


Jorli Swingen