CNSF reaches into Western PA for US Youth Soccer Scholarships

Foundation sponsors two candidates to NYL course

The CNSF is proud to sponsor two young coaches to the US Youth Soccer National Youth License being held in Western Pennsylvania. Dan Pajic and Eddie Showman received outstanding recommendations from their Club for the scholarships.



Eddie wrote, “Coaching is very important to me for many reasons, but first and foremost so I can give something to the youth of the Connellsville area. Connellsville is an economically depressed area and the youth don’t have many opportunities given to them. So, it pleases me that I can teach them the sport of soccer as well as team play, honor, sportsmanship, and assist them with proper physical activity.”




James Guie, V.P. Connellsville Soccer Club, writes, “Eddie was once unknown to the soccer club in Connellsville. However, from his helping develop our team this winter, and our U-10 travel club and assistance with our summer tournament teams. Our soccer club has known Eddie as a great asset. This June he took the initiative to run a 5-day soccer camp for U-5’s to U-19. He was the first ever to offer a camp for U-5’s, U-6’s, and U-7’s. I feel this will only enhance the soccer of our youth in the Connellsville Area.”




About Dan, James wrote that, “He was asked if he would volunteer to help the youth soccer players of our area at the camp. Dan never hesitated and noted he would be at the camp for the entire week, sometimes up to 8 to 10 hours a day. At this camp I never encounter youth soccer players come alive to a coach like Dan was able to do. He motivated the players and reinforced soccer, while allowing the children to have fun and learn the values of sportsmanship. This is what he bases his success in soccer on.”




Dan echoes something that many other young coaches say. “The biggest problem I see in being a young coach is respect. I walk onto a field and hear comments, "who does this kid think he is". I think some people don’t feel that the youth can teach them anything. However, I feel learning is continuous and flows in every direction. I have learned from everyone, from the players, the parents, the referees from other coaches. I keep my mind open to new ideas; whereas, some people are fixed in there thought processes.”




The Pennsylvania West Soccer Association is hosting the course from August 13-18 at the Pitt-Greensburg Campus.