CNSF invited to U.S. Youth Soccer's Adidas Workshop & Coaches Convention

CNSF will make a presentation to State Presidents and DOC's this February in Houston.

The CNSF has been invited back to the annual U.S. Youth Soccer's Adidas Workshop and Coaches Convention in Houston. Program Director Larry Paul will make a presentation before the assembled State Presidents and DOC's. "This is a great opportunity to explain the Foundations mission to the key people in U. S. Youth Soccer" Mima Nedelcovych explained.  
In 2005 the CNSF provided full scholarships to four candidates, two in Western Pennsylvania and two in Virginia, for the National Youth License. "This presents us a chance to build on the earlier work in Indiana and Massachusetts. We'd like to see eight candidates placed in this program in 2006" Mima added.
In addition to helping the younger coaches the CNSF has been developing close ties with several State Associations. "As communication improves with the State and National staff I'm confident that we'll find even more opportunities at the local level to help the young coaches" Larry Paul observed.
Pictured at right, CNSF's Larry Paul and U. S. Youth Soccer's Director of Coaching Education Sam Snow.