CNSF - Convention Spotlight Shines on Alumni

CNSF Coaches given top presentation opportunities

This January saw two CNSF Alumni given the opportunity to make their presence known at the NSCAA Convention held in Baltimore.

Vanessa Martinez, now at the University of Leipzig, spoke about the "Physical and Physiological Characteristics, Health Issues and Common Injuries of the Female Soccer Player" to an attentive audience. Her presentation highlighted the depth of her knowledge on the subject. She could also be found at the Latin American Soccer Coaches Committee booth helping to explain the mission and programs of the organization.

Sam Bird was asked to be a featured speaker at the Walt Chyzowych Memorial Award Ceremony. Sam’s involvement in the game in her native Georgia has been recognized as setting her among an elite, rising crop of future soccer coaches and leaders in this country. The honor of offering the opening remarks at this prestigious event bears testimony to the high regard that she is held in.

"It was great getting to see some of the ’Old guard’ and just how far they’ve come" Larry Paul, CNSF Program Director said. "To realize that both of these young ladies have gotten to this level in such a short time is remarkable. The future for both is bright and full of promise. We’re very happy and proud that the CNSF was able to play a small part with their success."

Pictured above, Sam Bird, Larry Paul and Vanessa Martinez