CNSF Coach One Step From the Pro's

Vanessa Martinez completes the DFB 'A' License Course

Vanessa Martinez has added the German Soccer Federations ’A’ License to her US Soccer Federations ’A’ and NSCAA’s Premier Diploma.

"The A-License course of the German Soccer Federation has a duration of two weeks plus 3 days of testing. The testing includes an oral, written, and practical exams and playing ability. All theorical and practical sessions and testing were conducted in German. With this license I am now qualified to train any soccer team of the first division of the Women’s Bundesliga or any men’s team of the highest German amateur divisions. The split between theorical and practical sessions is about 50%/50%. The emphasis of this license is "whole team tactics" for elite soccer but we also cover other topics such as technique, fitness, psychological and goalkeeper training, nutrition, injury prevention, etc.
Obtaining this license was very important step to continue with my long term plan to become one day the head coach of the Mexico Women’s National Team. I want to continue my coaching education in Germany and the next step is to take the German/UEFA Pro-License (highest coaching license in Germany and Europe). This license has a duration of 11 months at the German Sports University of Cologne. This license qualify coaches to train any women’s or men’s professional team in whole Europe. If everything goas according to my plans I would like to start this license in May of 2011 after I complete my PhD in April 2011. I need to wait until then because it is also a requirement that the candidates for this license spend 1.5 years working with a high level men’s or women’s team and also there are some admission exams to do (oral, wrtitten and practical). The people from the German Federation already know that I am very interested in taking this license and have told me they will offer me their support to get accepted to take this course since there are very limited spaces (only 26 spots each year).
I really loved attending the A-License course. It was a great learning experience for me. I was the only female out of 26 total participants but I didn’t feel intimidated. All the coaches and instructores were very freindly to me and were always willing to answer any questions I had. I am also very proud because I was able to show all of them that a woman can also be a very good soccer coach."