CNSF Alumni following up with US Youth Soccer's National Youth License

Two CNSF coaches continuing their education

The CNSF has continued its efforts to promote young coaches and found two candidates for US Youth Soccer’s National Youth License among its alumni.




Jorli Swigen, from the 2003 CNSF Residential Camp and Steve Sinnwell from this year’s Camp will attend the National Youth License course hosted by the Virginia Youth Soccer Association.




Both Steve and Jorli are excited about attending the course. “The idea of being able to achieve my National Youth Coaching license was a dream I never thought I would be able to fulfill. It would help me advance in the coaching world, hopefully continuing to touch young girls hearts to inspire in them the desire to continue playing and possibly to coach as well” Jorli said.




For Steve, coaching is a labor of love. Bart Brannam, Steve’s sponsor wrote, “Steve is highly motivated as a youth coach. Perhaps most telling is that while most coaches are involved because a family member is playing, Steve isn’t. His participation is motivated by his goal to improve as a coach and desire to improve the technical skills of the teams that he coaches.”




The course is being held in Woodbridge, Virginia on August 19-21 and 26-28.