CNSF Alumni becomes first National "C" License scholarship candidate

CNSF begins a new direction to aid young coaches

Sam Bird of Loganville, GA is the first recipient of a full scholarship to attend the U. S. Soccer's National "C" License Course. Sam attended the CNSF/MSYSA Dutch International Weeks Residential course in 2005. Sam will be attending the course hosted by the Georgia Youth Soccer Association from May 17-25, 2006.

"Since the State Associations started offering the National "C" License it has made their availabilty that much greater" observed Mima Nedelcovych, CNSF Executive Director. "We felt that it provided another way for the Foundation to be able to reach out in support of younger coaches. It's also a way for us to identify candidates who will proceed much farther in the National Coaching scheme, a part of our long range planning."

"Since the (CNSF) camp, I have received a coaching job at a local high school and I will also be an assistant coach at my school, Columbus State University. I was playing for the team, but after a serious injury this season, I have been forced to retire from playing. My focus has now shifted completely to coaching. I am all set and ready to go for the C course. I can't wait to get there."

The CNSF is committed to assisting it's alumni as they continue their coaching education. The National Youth and "C" Licenses are part of the Foundations efforts to engage young coaches into the National Coaching structure.