ALUMNI NEWS - Shawn Atwater (Class of 2004) wrote from Davenport, Iowa:

February 8th , from Davenport, Iowa

ALUMNI NEWS - On February 8th Shawn Atwater (Class of 2004) wrote from Davenport, Iowa:



Hello everyone!  I have to tell you, it's been awhile since we all have touched base.  I know that we are all busy, because I'm rarely at home, but I just wanted to see how everyone is doing and to also let everyone know what's new with me.


I am attending a university in Davenport called Kaplan University, and I am studying criminal justice.  Yes that's right, Mike from Ohio is going to be a cop.  Actually, my goal is to become a detective in major cases like homicide and rape.  I got straight A's my first term, so I'm on the right track. 


As far as soccer is going, I am actually counting the days until March 14, because that is the first day of spring practice for my high school team.  I am moving up the pecking order as I will be a varsity assistant this year along with the co-coach of the sophomore team.  And on top of that, I will be taking over the Under-14 boys team in our club, FC America, which is growing in teams by the season.  We added 4 more teams to make our total 10, which is great considering we are barely over 2 years old as a club.  The boys team I will be coaching is probably the best overall team in the club, which is also exciting for me.  I will still be coaching my Under-18 girls, but not until June because of their high school season coming up as well.


We also have one of our high school boys who just signed a national letter of intent for a full ride scholarship to Drake University, a top 25 program located in Des Moines, Iowa.  The coaches there are also on the National Team staff in some capacity, so our player has a shot at trying out for the National team in 2008.  We are very excited for him and very proud of him.  We are actually considering nominating him for a CNSF scholarship as long as his schedule is open at the time of the camp this year.  And to top it all off, we were on the news standing behind him at his press conference for the signing.  Yes, yes, I am now a TV celebrity!


Well everyone, I hope all is well with each of you.  I really do miss the camp and all of you.  I look forward to our reunion so we can all be together again and make each other cry...laughing so hard we cry that is.


Mike from Ohio is signing out, but before I go, I just want to say one thing......


DANG-IT!!!!!    I STABBED!!!!



God Bless



Shawn Atwater