Alumni News - Nelson Abreu (Class of 2004) wrote from Silver Spring, MD.

First of all I hope that all of you involved with CNSF are doing well. It is so good to 
hear from you, it brings back some great memories from last summer. Thanks again for
allowing me to be a part of your great Foundation, I feel truly blessed.
Let me tell you what's going on:
Two weeks ago I got my National Coaching License through the NSCAA at Ft. Lauderdale. I
have not received "official" word, but I'm pretty sure I passed. I have also taken over
my own WAGS team (U-13). Also I'm doing alot of training for the girls I coach for my
high school team. Lastly I'm doing a strength and conditioning program through the
Physical Therapy office (National Rehabilitation Hospital) where I work. Which is basically
an off season training program we run at a local gym in Germantown, MD.
As you can see I'm keeping pretty busy, most of it has to do with coaching children. As your
son found out there is a lot to say for working with children and having "a positive impact
on someone else's life." This became very apparent to me with my time at the "Youth Coaching
Youth" Camp, for this I sincerly thank you.
Nelson Abreu
I have a great candidate for your next camp. I coached her in High School and she just
recently asked if she could assist me with my 13 year old team. I have already recommended
that she apply to CNSF.