CNSF Achievements Over the Years

Since our founding, we have provided scholarships to a diverse cohort of young people. We are proud to have supported just under 160 state level and NSCAA coaching license candidates and seven A license candidates. We have also sponsored coaches to earn international licenses:


DFB ’A’ License
Hennef, Germany, November 17 - December 3, 2008
Vanessa Martinez, Austin TX


Sheffield Football Association Level II License
Rotherham, UK, Feb. 10 - June 28, 2009
Jonny Sinclair, Sheffield UK


Football Association UEFA ’B’ License
Hull University, July 18-26, 2009
Jonny Sinclair, Sheffield UK


We have supported several coaches in attend coaching courses across the United States:


CNSF/MSYSA Dutch International Week Residential Camp at St. James School, Hagerstown, MD

- June 23-28, 2002 - 14 candidates.

- June 20-25, 2004 - First foreigner, Mohamed Diara in Segou, Mali


United States Youth Soccer, National Youth Diploma Course in Greencastle, IN

- December 4-14, 2003


US Soccer ’C’ License in Atlanta, GA

- May 17-25, 2006 - Samatha Bird, Columbus Ga.


USSF ’A’ License Course in Deerfield, MA

- July 8-16, 2006 - Vanessa Martinez, Austin Tx.


Urban Soccer Collaborative Youth Leadership Workshop in Washington, D.C.

- Aug. 4-7, 2009:

Jennifer Barahona, Springfield, Va.
Monica Chavez, Springfield, Va.
Wilbur Gomez, Springfield, Va.
Melvin Portillo, Springfield, Va.

International Tournaments:

2007 and 2008: “Chris Cup”, in honor of Chris Nedelcovych, was played in Mali, North Africa

The Future will feature tournaments in West Africa in support community-wide positive change and Youth Coaching Youth.