Ray Clark, Director Of Coaching, Canadian Soccer Association
Enrique L. (Rick) Meana, Director of Coaching, New Jersey Youth Soccer
Dragan Mirkovic, Technical Director, Newfoundland And Labrador Soccer Association
Andy Nelson, Development Coach, Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association

CNSF Presents - Street Soccer, An Introduction To Small Sided Games DVD
A comprehensive guide for creating and managing small sided games. Now available with a companion workbook, Playing Better Soccer is More Fun. See below.

Street Soccer, An Introduction To Small Sided Games takes an in depth look at the hottest topic in youth coaching today and how it applies to training. 
This 90 minute program is divided into four, easy to follow chapters, and includes a six page foldout.
Chapter 1 shows how the idea for using small sided games for training can be found in the street soccer games of the past. Next, a comparison between street and real soccer reveals several key elements common to both. Finally, the biggest difference between street and real soccer is examined in the role of the coach.
View a short Real Time video of chapter (1. 435 kbs, 1:42), Filename or a Quick Time video Filename.
Chapter 2 takes an in depth look at the elements of soccer and how to modify them to meet your needs.
View a short Real Time video of chapter 2. (457 kbs, 1:46), Filename or a Quick Time video Filename.
Chapter 3 contains over 25 practical games and an almost limitless number of variations.
View a short Real Time video of chapter 3. (438 kbs, 1:42), Filename or a Quick Time video Filename.
Chapter 4 shows you a proven method for reading the game and diagnosing soccer problems. It also includes a number of valuable tips for effective coaching and how to put on your own Soccer Festival with an individual winner.
View a short Real Time video of chapter 4. (441 kbs, 1:44), Filename or a Quick Time video Filename.
Additional previews are at www.bettersoccermorefun.com.
All of this is accomplished with film of real practices and games along with easy to follow diagrams and narration.

What They’re Saying
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"Wow!!! You have really hit the nail squarely on the head. Instead of having to go out and buy several videos and books, you have captured everything a new, young and even experienced coach would need in one DVD. I view this as a great model for any club to put into place. The explanation of the games are excellent and well thought out. The use of graphics and captioning make it easy to follow. I will highly recommend this to the Damascus Soccer Club Board at our next meeting. Fantastic job."

Dave Kovac, Vice President, Select Soccer
Damascus, Maryland Soccer Club

"Great DVD, particularly the organized way specifics follow theory. The numerous detailed examples of small sided games and their applications gave me plenty of training material, easily adjusted for all ages. Thanks for showing me how to tweak the 4 vs. 4 format to create fun and effective learning environments. What can be better than playing while you improve your game?"

Emily Therrell
Head Coach, Womens Soccer
Loyola University, New Orleans

"This program explains the major teaching elements for new soccer coaches to get up to speed quickly. It is a wonderful resource on the proven techniques for the development for the youth soccer player. A must see for every new coach."

Frank Martini
Director, Select Training
Hudson Valley Youth Soccer League

About The Author

Larry Paul, the CNSF Program Director, brings a wealth of valuable experience to this project. Among his credentials are:

* USSF A license.
* US Youth Soccer National Youth License.
* English International Preliminary Badge.
* KNVB’s Youth Coaching Certificate.
* Author www.bettersoccermorefun.com.
* A former member of the Maryland State Youth Soccer Associations Education and Training staff.

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