Dragan Mirkovic, Technical Director, Newfoundland And Labrador Soccer Association

Thank you for a copy of the DVD, Street Soccer. In a few days it will be presented to a number of coaches during a coaching workshop that my association (Newfoundland And Labrador Soccer Association) will organize. At the same event the essence of BSMF (www.bettersoccermorefun.com) will be talked amongst  the coaches as I found the program to be a perfect balance between European Training Environment for the kids and Canadian Training Environment where you as a coach has to work so hard to instill passion and love into their hearts.


For an association that works on such painfully low budget even one disc can make the difference if it reaches many average youth coaches. I will make sure that it happens as I have been promoting the philosophy of BSMF for some time and found the feedback to be extremely encouraging. With a disc and live videos I should be able to transform some of that content onto the training ground and highlight a true nature of your program - to be enjoyable but always soccer related. I have seen far too many coaches who fill their sessions with activities that make kids happy but in reality they don't teach anything.


One thing is for certain. The program will be continued to be promoted here in this province as I see first positive signs of recovering the number of players into game of soccer after a sharp drop a few years back. Investments into coaching education starts paying off as it always will and I hope to build a more bridges to help them to expand their knowledge without losing their coaching color and make-up.


Again thank you very much. I appreciate this greatly as I am very serious about youth soccer development. Facing insormountable tasks (harsh winter, total lack of indoor facilities, lack of funds etc) we have still managed to produce some outstanding players who play top university soccer in the States and we are very proud of it.


Dragan Mirkovic

NLSA Technical Director


Newfoundland & Labrador Soccer Association


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