Ray Clark, Director Of Coaching, Canadian Soccer Association

Over the last five years we have dramatically changed the philosophy of our Coach Education Program to put more emphasis on the use of small sided games and game like practices.  During that time I have not found a video/DVD resource that adequately explains the rationale behind the use of small sided games in coaching and goes on to give examples of the types of games and how they can be adapted to suit a coaches situation.  Not until now that is.  That is not to say that the subject is not dealt with in other video/DVD productions; just one look in a soccer magazine will reveal a huge selection of such resources.  Your DVD fills in many of the gaps left by the others, however, and so I would have no hesitation in recommending Street Soccer to coaches going through our Coaching Programs. 


One of the areas that has been identified as a challenge for us in dealing with coaches going through our Program is that of reinforcing the message.  With that in mind I would like to request permission to use Street Soccer, or at least portions of it on our B License-National Courses of which we hold three a year.  Although, our National Courses are aimed at coaching players 14 year of age and above, we use small sided games as the main tool for improving technique, organizing the sessions, reading the game, understanding the principles of play and teaching coaching methodology.  You cover all of these things in Street Soccer and this would make those attending aware of a resource that will be useful to them long after they leave our course.   It would serve as a valuable reminder of the principles and methodology espoused on our courses as well as providing valuable tips that are practical and effective.


Ray Clark,
Director of Coaching & Player Development.
Canadian Soccer Association.

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